victoriously clasped

the key to loosening
a good clump of pummies
is to get the pitchfork going
perpendicular to them
alyssa and i notice
as we load up cart after cart
hashing out relationship shenanigans
uncle frank alyssa calls me

and i help resurrect
the almost-extinct nickname
by calling her boi


that feeling of everybody
cheering when you
catch what might have looked like
a maybe-to-impossible catch
disk victoriously clasped
in your grasp

mica and i check out
bed-bounce we laugh and notice
a scoop in the middle and
a definite uphill angle
where the feet nomally go
and emory asking
if he can jump up and down

three cars at once
on highway M
two headed north, one south
as i approach end-of-gravel
which hilariously makes me say
wow, busy day out here
(which is reinforced by the two more cars that pass
before i reach where the other
black-top-meets-gravel turn-off)


you wanna watch i joke
about a shoulder massage
gone wild (oil and pillow
fights feathers sticking
to skin)

sunset sky
orange-gilded edges of
purple clouds on
foil blue
and i count over 20 contrails
rachel observes
via video from oakland
where there is still light
in teh sky, an excessive
amount of eyebrow furrowing
most perplexing i say ever


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