deer revealing

swallowtail-ish butterfly
dipping down in herb garden
towards yellow-gold blooms
and lifting off

how i oh, hi! the small blinking toad
revealing self through movement
in spearmint bed
in the same voice i use
for ashby the youngster cat

you are the master
of magnificence she says
in a non-dictatory kind of way
a triple conspiracy brewing
in karma kitchen
must be a millipede
(or centipede)
emory says about the
small spiraled shiny brown/gold
creature i hold up in my palm
em and i trade a sip
of fancy ginger ale
for a gulp of
sparkling limonata

picnic-table sitting
in d.r. courtyard
tyler and i revisit
dan kelly’s terminology
art cut
for my hair
laughing whilst we sip
our respective

deer revealing
itself while turning
into the woods
at bridge edge while we
gravel-roll our
way towards home

i would never
say anything
just to appease you
i say regarding the
square-shape hulk-face

many homes i say
as opposed to home home forever home
in regards to the question of

from the water world:

Children form a reef fish on a beach in Hong Kong on the 3rd annual Kids Ocean Day. The event is aimed at raising awareness of seas protection and the conservation of coral reef worldwide. – 


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