cursing in the herb garden

for mica’s half cup of coffee
i hand her the kettle
with what remains
of just-boiled water
with which she’ll brew
the other half cup of coffee
to make her mug full

cell phone towers i say
disguised as trees
and how the photos make me
want to puke
por ejemplo:

cursing in the herb garden
(spearmint patch specifically)
at trees
and the way i lean all my weight
on shovel handle leveraging
grabbing-on roots
out of the earth
wrestling i call it
(later i expound upon
the choosing of
what lives)

collar zipped up on
winter vest
layered but too hot but
unzipped the cool wind
swoops in

mica, tookie and i singing
along to steve winwood’s higher love
followed by (just as i’m saying
there should be a higher love/feel it in the air mashup)
phil collins and the best
drum solo/breakdown ever


it’s because you’re in shape
mica says (when i respond to my
five pull-ups with a how did that happen?)
which might be
the first time in my life anyone
has ever described me this way

the crunch of tookie eating
seat-discovered matzah
tastes the same he says

chocolate chewies awaiting our
arrival on cooling racks
evenly shaped and spaced



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