approaching sweatlodge pond
how frogs/turtles plop/sploosh
into algae-coated water
the quality of light here:
patches of violets and spring beauties
bursting from earth

white daffodils with yellow centers
poking up in patches
just beyond where granola (the cat) lies
i clip two for my room
mostly because of the perfumey smell

if shakespeare were to write a play
about sandhill farm jacob asks while
piling forkfuls of pummies
on future tomato bed paths
in look far while i pile forkfuls of
hay thick on each bed
what do you think it’d be called
i don’t know i say
mulch ado about nothing he replies


snapping turtle size of a frisbee
lashing out at hank who leans in
with curious nose

the racket of lift-off
and opening of grand grey-blue wings
as i head towards creek bridge
cricket a kazillion paces ahead
sniffing out site of flight


third found tick of the season
reveals itself via the itch/tickle/sensation
of little crawling limbs on my skin
dropped into  jar of alcohol

too much trish says about
the amount of cardamom in the
cardamom chocolate brownie cake
never too much i respond
lifting a perfectly textured forkful
to my mouth

is the time
to look at / photograph
the peach tree in bloom
(near/far diptych) :

IMG_8191 IMG_8192
from the water world:
Revelers take part in celebrations marking Thingyan, a water festival which brings in the country’s new year, in Yangon, Myanmar. The four southeast Asian nations of Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos started the Buddhist new year.  – voice of america, day in photos

33 tons of dead fish have been removed from Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas which is the 2016 olympic rowing venue.
Scientists said the fish were starved of oxygen because of pollution. – reuters


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