sun fissures

tall and strong lulu says
for the furrower
jacob and i each
at 5’2″ exchange glances
we’re all strong i respond
while baigz hits the beds

with a furrowing hoe
and i drive in stake and string

lunch spread:
baby-ish bok choy sauteed in
tamari, ginger, garlic, sorghum
pan-hot croutons
(sourdough in olive oil, salt and garlic powder)
roasted corn tortilla-ish kinda soup
roasted potatoes, chimichurri on the side
jar of dilly beans
jen and i sending
color palettes and
dimensions back and forth
thinking saddle stitch and

something like a practical joke
opening plastic package in front of lunch crowd
expecting these
Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 10.19.25 PM
but ending up with this
which tyler looks great in

two acres she says
one on either side
of the acequia ditch
while i listen under
the blossoming red bud tree

qwelve tookies jacob says
(meaning twelve cookies)
to which i respond
i think you just found your nickname
and continue to call him qwelve
while others call him tookie
as we play rounds of
crokinole on the front porch
while the gold of sunfissures sky to let its
spring storm light through


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