enough illumination

gettin all marylin monroe up in here
tyler says of the wind lifting
up layers of clothing as we move
up and down the lookfar beds
with buckets of potato seed
and buckets of compost
to sift on top
field scale

shine of curved harvest knife blade
glinting back at me under
flapping/rippling hoop house plastic

a glittering letter F amongst
an article about
poets plus the fantastically
familiar handwriting
postmarked portland or

simon, 6, asks mica
then me about the worst
pain we’ve ever felt
mica talks about being bitten
by a diamondback
and how she begged for
pain medication
before it was due to be administered
and i try to explain the
wince-inducing sensations of having a hip
or sometimes ribs
in the wrong place
and i mention how
i once wore a belt under my clothes
for an entire year
to keep my hips in place

the entourage that joins
joseph and i in support of
our final day of the
30 day ab challenge
which means we completed
125 sit ups
200 crunches
62 leg raises and
two minutes of plank

perhaps it’s because of
the camouflage i say
that i glimpsed the fox
(reddish – standing at
gravel road edge before
looking towards me and
trotting across road)
orange and gold giving way
to deep purples in
west sky gradient backdrop
for gnarled oak silhouette

in which i am encouraged
to start scouting for tree limbs
to be placed upon

how writing in candlelight
is enough illumination to see
the letters on the page but not
so much that it prevents me
from seeing constellations
in night sky framed
by loft window
four times wide
as it is tall


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