four small slices of
savored/rationed orange
after morning lotus flow yoga
on a scrubbed-clean mat

hot sauce as knuckle tattoo
for almost 7-year-old emory
we laugh in various states of
present and post – breakfastness
(this one’s for you, lulu)
ruminating on lailye’s comment regarding
pursing a creative practice at a research institution
(like making artwork with
the military)
as i one by one transfer tiny
tomato starts – small network
of roots dangling – in the greenhouse
graduating them from flats to soil blocks


chai-roma permeating
lunch-time kitchen with its
cardamomy, anisey, gingery (etc)
sinus/lung filling goodness

perfect day for chai both
trish and joe say upon smelling it
on this overcast almost-drizzle afternoon
lunch clean up
lady gaga cranked while we
laugh around the butcher block
this beat is sick
let me take a ride on your disco stick

front porch happy hour featuring
tyler’s cider
bubbles rising through pale
liquid in clear glass
how trish laughs
at the unexpected buzz
and i marvel at the amount of
nutritional yeast at the bottom
of the popcorn bowl i’ve licked up
with my finger

persimmon wine joseph says
as the secret to the best tasting shitakes
trish has ever had

how i adore how
sandhillers never tire
at cheering for joseph and i
post-ab-challenge as we
join the dinnering group
and how tonight i respond
with i think i hurt my ovaries
(after 115 situps, 190 crunches
62 leg lifts and one minute and 50 seconds of plank)


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