and night mist

how tyler laughing so hard
(at the image of the high heel scooter)
across the onion bed from me
makes me laugh so hard i
bend over so far my forehead
touches soil
the word i use

to answer mica’s about
this morning’s onion planting
under gray drear of cloud cover
on a 50something maybe 60something
degree day
how i love the way
mollie katzen writes things
in her recipes like
keep a small container of flour,
a fork

a small bowl of water
and a pastry brush
close at hand

which she says in step two of
the rolling out/filling/crimping together
section in the samosa recipe

the rhythm of hand-rolling dough into
small spheres and then
ironing it out on solid wood butcher block with
solid wood rolling pin
sifting on some flour when necessary
then plopping potato/veggie filling
in the center before folding over
wetting the inside edges
and crimping together with fork
just before poking two sets of holes
in the half moon puff at a diagonal

overlooked loaf of
yesterdays baked bread
hardened/browned in the oven during
today’s first round of dinner-baking

two pitchers of darien’s recipe chai
flanked by
trish-harvested hoophouse salad
tyler’s tomato-apple chutney
last minute lemon tahini dressing
lentil dal (best of two recipes combined)
and a tray of oven-hot samosas

my voice misses
touching yours
i report from
the greenhouse
sending message via satellite
to south and west of here

whatcha burnin in there, frank
tyler asks from his couch reading perch
about the lavender incense tendriling up
as pond frog choruses swell/recede
and night mist gathers into
occasional thud-drops on
corrugated metal roof

from the water world:
A young Slovak dressed in traditional costume throws a bucket of water over a girl as part of Easter celebration in the village of Trencianska Tepla, northwestern Slovakia. – voice of america, day in photos


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