playing pretend claymaker

after backyard easter egg hunting
(hardboiled and dyed
with beet juice and tumeric)
we walk out along the back road
shaking a food bowl and making
cat-luring sounds on our
ashby rescue mission assisted
by cricket the treeline sniffer
who is rewarded with
easter egg peeled right there on
gravel rock road for her valiant efforts


look out below!!! as a call
and a verb (emory at sand pit
edge jumping down into
and sack-o-potatoes style rolling/tossing)


playing pretend claymaker i hand
fresh globs of dug-up clay over (payment)
and then request the items i desire
(small teacups, a pair of shoes, etc)

some people identify (trees) by leaf
i identify by bark stan says pointing
into one of many forested patches

i repeat the names of trees
found in our forests
over and over in hopes of
remembering at least half
siberian elm
white oakred oak
pin oak
black walnut
black locust
whild cherry
the abs we don’t want to do
but do anyway
identifying the i can’t do this anymore feeling
residing in our thighs during leg lifts

solar gazing
where the horizon and swath of cloud above it
are like the sandwich part of a sandwich part
of a sandwich cookie and the bright slice of
red-orange in between is like the frosting in the middle
welcome to my life i say regarding the
0-100% possibility sensation


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