like a backwards tsunami

they say there’s only
one year of water left
in california baigz says
while we weed/prepare
beds for future onions

piling and pulling
carts of pummies
as the day warms
the work and weather
bring enough heat that
i shed four top layers
in an hour
in the field we sing
on repeat til i
have gathered all the words
in my brain basket:
my body is a living temple of love
my body is a living temple of love
my body is the body of the goddess
my body is the body of the horned one
woh oh oh i am what i am uh huh
woh oh oh i love what i am uh huh

green-white swirl playground ball
stuffed into screen hole turned
cat door on front porch


a line of loaves (sourdough)
rising on oven-top as
last summer’s snow peas
sizzle in wok

what kind of dinosaur
do you think it is
emory asks about his
hatching egg in
silver bowl full of water
i don’t know i say a brontosaur

looks like waves i say
of the swaths of white
arc-ing across sky
while em and i
stop-sign wait
at the convergence of
gravel and pavement
like a bakwards tsunami he says
proving my point that
most kids are the raddest poets

our shadows lengthening
in almost-sunset orange
casting its color on white rock road
as we wheel east
little cute food alline calls it
while scooping cooked potato
out of its purple sometimes red skin
lavish gifts she says because she
means it but also because she
likes the way it sounds we laugh
so do i

hallelujah tentative sing along
swells with each chorusing
how i harmonize
our vibratos like velcro

tyler with handbrooms tapping
on snare (and other drum whose
name i don’t know)
emory half-wrapped in
sleeping bag in truck bed
where we squeeze into
the best spot (against the cab)
and hum under moonglow
and starstruck sky
moving through lilty air
of spring lightness
from the water world:
A man being pulled out of the water, during floods in Srinagar, Indian-controlled Kashmir. – voice of america, day in photos


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