home i never

you’re the home i
never had she says
improv style while
heading west through
green-splosion desert

wild turkey ambling
across county highway M
in front of us while
another nestles in a
not-yet-tilled field
to our left

we start light
squeezing color from tube
and incorporating hues with ink knives

on plexiglass / glass
then rolling on brayers til tack-less
before shifting to darker shades
while the prints exponentially bloom before us
(mica, trish, june)
while they dry

a simultaneous eyebrow raise and nod
between trish and i
wordless approval of roasted red pepper hummus
on our way out i
position myself strategically
behind the pillar so i can
nab a butter cookie with
musical-note icing
without being seen
trish and baigz checking out
the drying-print display
cheer me in my
unicorn vs. robot dinosaur leggings on
in upstairs karma during jillian’s
standing mountain climbers

mid-abs i get the giggles
it [laughing] makes it [crunches] hardertrish calls out from her
office corner
a request for me to stop
but i can’t

snapshot she says of LA-arriving:
green mowhawk arm around
girl he’s shorter than and she
wears bondage gear over
her clothes
plus an observation of
the in-ness of camo

walking through living room where
tyler’s on snare drum and shaker
sarah’s on finger piano and
liam’s on guitar and voice
(post-dinner, post-blueberry cake, post-crokonole)
out front door into moonspill
where spring peeper chorus
(with chorus frogs on backup)
rises in waves around


from the water world:

A woman jumps into an icy water tank during the Tough Mudder 10-12-mile obstacle challenge in San Bernardino, California, USA. – voice of america, day in photos



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