sometimes she dangles

the purging of mind-songs
when they aren’t played to satiate
in this case it’s
the first few lines from rasputina’s
holocaust of giants

the disassembling of
newspaper-shred mouse net
burrowed in greenhouse garden bed


the word arroyo
in blue print on white
and the unexpectedness
of its appearence here
(never met word like this
imbued with such a placeness)

little punch of homesick
for a place i mostly passed through


the back-and-forth hand saw
rhythm, teeth grabbing hold
sawdust lifted away with wind

that’s a frankie-size wine glass
mica says of the shot glass

filled with the maroon of malbec
on the kitchen table


o.p.p : other people’s perfume
the scent of which smacks
upon entering rink
best pair of pants
in the world
says rink-side
that’s what i thought too
i respond regarding
unicorn vs. robot dinosuar leggings

althea’s small hand in mine
as we roll our way along
the edges of the rink
how sometimes she dangles there
but isn’t heavy enough
to pull me down with her

like katy perry
a few of the teenage girls

tell me
just like hollywood (joking)

your tails were really flying
emory reports from the back seat
to trish regarding her tux top on wheels (skates)

heading home from kahoka
clearsky bright constellations
i can point out venus and
orions belt but i need your help
pinpointing the birthplace of stars

spring has sproinged i say
while the brights shine
our way home
across one way bridges and
around 40mph county highway curves
kitten-spotting near the abandoned barn
at the top of the gravel drive
(white/light-bodied and
dark tailed)
fostering perhaps or
in the course of brenda’s re-wilding
she’s unfixed herself


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