an alphabet of teeth

4something a.m.
sudden onslaught downpour
accompanied by bursts
of light against
still-black sky
at some middle-of-the-nightish
kind of time the snap of
one trap and then another
each followed by the subsequent flailing
(sound of small rodent struggling
for its last breaths) and in half sleep
i try to reconcile my desire
to live in a mouse-poop-free space
with my desire to not have a hand
in taking the lives of other creatures
(creatures, in this case, whose undersides
i discover in the morning to be
soft white
whose eyeballs have bulged in true
choking fashion
whose paws, underneath fine fur, are made
of the tenderest pink
whose whiskers are thin and black
whose corpses i offer
to our yin-yanging cats
to be torn into with
carnivorous teeth
whose blood is licked up
with rough tongues


leggy tomato sprouts
broken through soil in
south-facing window

pre-lunch greenhouse perch
reading an alphabet of teeth


karma living room covered
in posters we consider
where we are now
where we want to be
and how do we get there from here
scooters, challah and outdoor kitchens
are discussed


how i laugh as we approach
the 75th (and final) crunch for
today’s 30day
ab challenge
tryin to catch me scribin’ dirty
tyler sings under single light
at post dinner table while
crokinoling with
trish, emory and baigels
electric guitar unplugged
muffled behind tyler’s door
while living room stove pipe
clicks as it cools

from the water world:

A child plays in a pool during a warm sunny day in Santiago, Chile. –  voice of america, day in photos


Screen shot 2015-03-23 at 10.22.14 PM
An aerial view shows illegally built slums on the border of the polluted water of Billings reservoir in Sao Paulo, Brazil, February 12, 2015. Brazil today is facing its worst drought in 80 years and its economy is already expected to post zero growth this year. Worse yet, since Brazil depends on hydroelectric dams for about three quarters of its electricity, power shortages are also possible due to the drought, federal officials have said. – reuters/paulo hitaker


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