a death due to caughtness

accounting numbers
blue marker in mica’s handwriting
on poster paper taped
to table

perched on southside slope
in sun patch
big metal bowl of
popcorn in my lap
which i later offer
some of to mica
mid wood-stack

to the visiting family
trish calls me sister
at the butcher block
sounds about right i say

visiting siblings
dinnering with us
on front porch
(adele, lexi, avi)
make me wish i
was that awesome and self-assured
at that age
an acknowledgement
of some kind of magic
in the hearts/hands
of their parents
deer skin, limbs and spine
found – appearing tossed against fence
a death due to caughtness
at the border of the faerie ring

strip of low-lying cloud
just above horizon
which means
as pink-red orb
sinks down it disappears
before revealing itself again
as it lowers into horizon
thermos in hand i serenade
with the few songs i know
all the words to
two stepping solo
though the combo of me
my movement my sound
plus wind
feel more like an us
enamel pot clicking
as it cools on karma stove
while i munch on
a literal midnight snack
(dried apple plus
peanut butter on bread)

from the water world:

A Bangladeshi homeless child sleeps on a garbage bag on the bank of the polluted Buriganga River on World Water Day in Dhaka. – voice of america, day in photos

A woman enjoys the water overflowing from a defunct but still watery reservoir called the Wawa Dam in Montalban in Manila, the Philippines. – voice of america, day in photos


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