this moving into light

awake(ning) and i know
it’s drizzle-raining judged by
detections of slight dappling sound
on metal roof

wandering the candy aisle
wanting everything and
finally choosing
something unsatisfactory
(because it will all be unsatisfactory
and never fulfill
the lingering need/desire/hunger)


wherein i read an article
that says the city of sao paulo
brazil is on its third
and final emergency
water reserve which
is estimated to last
sixty days
this is the time we live in

entering the hush of
a dark and heated room that
soon swells with
hand drum and rattle
we whisper hellos and
cozy into our respective
journey spaces

there was lots of open air
and open space
like being back on the mesa
in arizona
and i was given an oyster knife
i say while holding the rattle
and so opens spring
a sheep leading me down
the mountain


barefoot on hardwood
two step review we
quick quick slow slow
our way around
other moving bodies

staring up at
star-burst yurt ceiling
tiny lights reflected
in center window circle
of the clumps of candle
burning below
we take turns talking
about this transition
this moving into light

from the water world:

A river is seen flowing through drought-affected farming areas in the western region of New South Wales, Australia. – voice of america, day in photos

Tadjik women throw water on men from rooftop as they take part in a celebration to welcome the coming Spring in Tadjik autonomous county, Kashgar, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region,
China. – voice of america, day in photos

A father and son on a makeshift boat made from styrofoam paddle through a garbage-filled river as they collect plastic bottles that they can sell in junkshops in Manila, the Philippines.– voice of america, day in photos


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