hawking the mosquito dunks

sneezing as we sweep
dirt/dust piles accompanied
by piles of ladybug husks
and some still crawling/living

wherein baigz jokes about
hawking the mosquito dunks
to an imaginary

just the dregs i say is
what remains of the
pepto bismol

ashby and gibbus
(gray cat orange cat)
ying-yanging on
front porch couch
against the gray day cold

sound of mustard seeds
pop-sizzling in
cast iron before
tossing in:
onions, garlic, jars of tomatoes
(that i hauled in buckets
last summer — full circle),
potatoes, carrots, asparagus,
green beans and kale

leave it to lupe (fiasco)
to break the wave
of stuck/unsettled/agitation
chocolate chewies with
nutella on top i
opt for an open faced
cooke sandwhich
plus crunchies

mica serenading me
with voice and guitar
her knee propped up on
table/bench while i
lean back in the massage chair
mechanical hands
kneading me
i feel less tougher
every day she says
in a conversation about
embracing vulnerability
and changing bodies


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