waking view through panorama-shaped
loft window: branch tips windswaying
against thinly cloud-swathed sky
and the faintest (same thin gauziness
as the swaths) sharp crescent
moon of all time

view through greenhosue window
of black/yellow CAT machine
its scraper blade grading
the white rock road beneath

how we can’t stop laughing
at the picnic table at the ridiculousness
of such a huge dress/tshirt
and how, when emory puts on
the blue/white-plaidish jacket
with the hood up, he uncannily
resembles an amish-ite in her bonnet

mica and i make
emoticon faces at each other
amongst the wood-splitting
scraps and piles
in the yard


thudding rhythmicness of
tennis shoes on reclaimed
wood floorboards while
jillian says that ballistic
stretching is a dinosaur

joseph, mica, tyler, trish, emory and i
gathered around office computer glow
so we can karaoke harry nilson’s without you
and rock you like a hurricane (a song which
we end up making faces at because
the lyrics are raunchily bad
not even in a way that
can be reclaimed)


be well rainbow says
as we hug goodbye in
karma kitchen
while water in the chipped
enamel pot on the front burner
bubbles to a boil
may the light outside you
with the light inside you to form
superpowers of sequinned brilliance
i type out in 150-character increments

from the water world:
People wash their clothes on the beach at Lenakel town in Tanna, days after Cyclone Pam hit the South Pacific island nation. International aid agencies began emergency flights to some of the remote outer islands of Vanuatu, which they fear have been devastated by the monster cyclone.  – voice of america, day in photos


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