the sweetness gets stronger

sifting compost through
metal screen i sing
earthy dirt and cloud-streaked
sky my receiver/listener

rumble hum of atv’s curving
their way around
the corner
i raise a hand
hello and
the riders raise a
hand back
mica and i doubled over
working our ab muscles (on ab challenge rest day)
in laughter at the play
that lasts forever in all
absurd back and forthness
maybe we need to call you frank-D
tyler calls out
(d as in defense)
on the
ultimate field and
yell-cheer in approval
kassandra commenting in the distance
on my
point-score dance move celebration
and that’s not the only one i call out
doing another ridiculous leg lift arm motion dance
sign that, despite the cooler air,
the pond has slightly warmed
since wednesday: lack of howl-screaming
as we emerge
what are you looking forward to dan asks
as we watch the mud/gravel hills recede
from our back-of-truck perch
something like a paint spill
though fainter and whisped
sunset cloud formation swathed
across and color seeping deeper
like running your finger
over the teeth of a comb mica says
describing the sound of
the chorus frogs which
is layered under the sound
of the peepers

the sweetness gets stronger i say
of the licorice in the wellness tea
advocating for its
layered flavor
chorusing in the kitchen,
mica, joeseph and i:
lean on me when you’re not strong
i’ll be your friend i’ll help you carry on
it’s a blues song she says
from behind the banjo teaching us
the words which are something about
how strawberry-raisin’
made me a man
with a wordless chorus


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