the beginning of this rhythm

tigger shares his collection
of lightbulb jokes (one for
each of the fec communities)
including the one that made me
laugh the most
(q: how many community members
does it take to screw in
a lightbulb at ____?
a: before asking the lightbulb to change
take a look inside yourself to see
what’s going on there)
found wings found  (two pairs:
1: indigo bunting and
2: something blue-jayish)
feather fortune
behind greenhouse wall-leaning board

array of alien screech whale echo dog howl sounds
rising out of empty cistern
emory and simon inside

lift-fall of greenhouse plastic
in wind sounding like
an unfurled sail

sweat of salt smell
made possible by spring sun
on warmed skin
the beginning of this rhythm
is one way
i refer to spring


to be added to gardening crew meeting agenda
we joke:


mica in full chainsawing safety orange regalia
come to warn me
about the sound
as i sing some
gillian welch
to the soil mix
as i add water and
press it into
the block-maker
sunset stroll sidetracked by
maple syrup cookdown steam room
trish and i stand against firebrick
flame heat emanating as
joe adds sap (pouring over screen
to catch branch bits)
to the trough of boils/bubbles/froths

day two of 30 day ab challenge
we arrange ourselves
like puzzle pieces on
the office floor for the
situp/crunch/leg lift/plank combo

from the water world:
A shower runs continuously on Leblon beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A historic drought making taps run dry across southeastern Brazil, particularly in South America’s largest city of Sao Paulo, has people worried they might be asked to cut down on their beloved showers. – voice of america, day in photos


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