of all the birds

thud of 39 year old (my age) american elm
timbering over onto
spring-soft earth


bee landing on green
vest pocket zipper and entering
to crawl into and out of whorls of a
crumpled hanky

triple V of canadian geese
headed west and honking
against pale blue skyness
half dark-winged
and half light-winged 
(sun-luminated glow shining through feathers)

paper ruffling in wind
at backyard picnic table where i
compare notes on
germination and frostdates penciling
brassicas, tomatoes, cucumbers, edamame, flowers
in on the blank calendar


honeybees stan reports
bringing in the first pollen


mechanical/machinery smell tyler calls it
and i say i know exactly what you’re talking about

the names of all the birds
whose calls/shapes/colors
i haven’t yet learned

it’s not an obligation joseph says
it’s a joyride about the film fest

not too muddy but not
quite dry enough either
the spray of damp field
tossed up the back of our calves
from the soles of our cleets


you can tell me that anytime
i say to mica on the field as we
walk it in and she tells me about
a sculpted leg muscle sighting
one time i jumped for the disc


how we howl-scream
emerging from the
just-thawed (30-some degrees) pond

so you wanna start having
our hangouts again emory asks
while we pathwalk (mud and grass)
our way back from the field/pond

gold-orange-pink sunset light
tumbling in greenhouse window
while i break up coir and
sift it in with sand and compost
in the appropriate proportions
mixing it together in galvanized tub
for soil block making
from the water world:
A protester holds a plank to hide from a police water cannon in Istanbul, during clashes following a protest in memory of a teenager killed in 2013 anti-government demonstrations and whose death has become a rallying cause for opponents of the Turkish president.
  – voice of america, day in photos


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