the modern dance of disassembly

the way you do it is
you have to run marie explains
about folding the largest and heaviest
pieces of fabric i’ve ever folded
as we disassemble
the fleeting weekend
church basketball court-turned-theater
and so susan and i run the length of it
a black velvetty corner grasped
in our hands the ballet/modern dance
of disassembly

each record is about a pound
david says so i won
roughly one and a half tons

of records which means
reinforcing the floor

a crew of us with our chipotle
on church lawn including susan
who has also been drifiting
(with volunteer work with
helping hands)
and there is something about this
connecting with someone else
whose recent homebase
has been migration
trish and i pointing and
laughing at disproportionate paintings
in a shop that is probably known just as well

for its home-made ice cream as it is
for its hilarious weird art
i grew up in the time

of rollerblades trish says
in the front seat


feed bag i say in the front seat
would make a great knuckle tattoo
(with two g’s bagels adds)
what about feed back emory chimes in
to which we all agree
is pretty badass
sound of emory’s voice
soft high risefalling
in the dark of the car

singing the saffron linefrom mellow yellow


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