crescendoing and cantankerous

boot-clad i reach/stretch
on sidewalk into morning sun
warrior three
bagels and trish sing/improvise
the caffeination song
at the cafe berlin breakfast table

acro-yoga in church yard trish
and i laughing so hard
(while i fly hovering over her
solid balanced basing)
and walker bys watching
bare arms sun on skin

accordion music carried on
spring-melt air (temperature
somewhere in the 60s) in the
church-turned-theater courtyard
buzz of milling conversations
rising around us

sunset long light glow i
lay voice down offering
slices of thought/sight/feel/sense

open heart she says
and i listen at dusk
corazon abierto

crowdsurfing in a chair (as joseph calls it)
under marquee light glow while
the marching band goes
(trumpeting and bass-drumming and accordioning)
working the crowd up around us
this is one version
of arriving/proof that life is goodness

filling emptyish night street
with sound of our rambunctious voices
in 2 or 3 part harmony
let the midnight special
shine its light on me
over and over
crescendoing and cantankerous
joe hears us down the block
not knowing its us and thinking
some drunk revellers


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