what we have (our bodies)

whale blood pouring
out of gigantic ship
and somewhere in the film someone
says something about putting
what we have (our bodies)
between us and the thing we’re
fighting for
biscuit-eating on
church steps
while columbia nightlife
blooms and flows past
on sidewalk below
five dead ladybugs
on church bathroom floor
sweetness of anonymous choir
covering leonard cohen
(i’m your man, tonight will be fine)
townes van zandt
(if i needed you would you come to me
would you come to me and ease my pain
if you needed me iwould come to you
i’d swim the seas for to ease your pain)
rising amongst organ pipes
while we in the padded pews
sink back into sound

we draw up our force field
of protection upon entering
the weekend college town
drunken beligerence zone


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