think of me two-stepping

ani difranco along the rio grande
sing along followed by
the indigo girls flanked
by snow-covered mountainscape
sun bright drooling down through
sun roof
we harmonize with both hands

i’ve walked up and down
this platform so many times
she says lamy wind whipping

our hair
my gratitude is bigger
than my self
i say leaning

into salt-summer sweat-scent
of neck

don’t think of me
tip-toeing i say
on lamy station platform
before boarding
think of me two-stepping
spotted from window seat view:
a crew of elk and
wild turkeys

table full of 20somethings
in lounge car while sky
powders and pastels over
yellow gold and sometimes snowed prairie
animatedly discussing threesomes
dark mesas rising in the distance
almost full moon pasted to scenescape

trinidad colorado stop
fog/drizzle wafting under
lamplight and nina simone
in my ears: broken windows and empty hallways
a pale lit moon in a sky streaked with grey
human kindness is overflowing
and i think it’s gonna rain today


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