let her take you

butter pat melt-sliding
on golden french toast
served up at square table

forehead to forehead
that way our knees don’t get in the way
we quick-quick slow-slow
around the floor
leaning in to each other
while the band cheers us
and the new move on

just close your eyes
and let her take you
where she wants to take you
says the woman with curly white hair
as we two-step past her table

you two another women we’ve
never met says are my favorite
couple on the dancefloor
and this plus
the joy/delight/sweat/laughter
plus the band calling out for
liana and i to come back next time
all feel like
a resounding message
from the universe
regerding the YESness
of the magic we can make
when our bodies/hearts/brains
inhabit the same timespace
i say something about throwing
my jacket down over the puddle
while she hoists me
piggy backing saying
only one of us needs to get our
boots wet

slipping into sleep
blood singing
a burst of sun in my bones



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