in this place of history-holding

how the bobolink
tiny puffed-up bird
from leafless bush to leafless bush
as we snowshoe rhythm our way
down the slide trail
last time we were here
you used the words rising into
in the sun at rio grande edge
this time the half-froze rapids
still roll while after your
body-fever broke
coveralls unzipped
toes froze
rattle of grape tic tacs
nestled in cool-ant
door handle

pretty bird, pretty biiii-iiird
why are you so sad liana
sing-hums on river rock perch

tomato soup prepared on
hot plate and
grilled cheese plus
potato chips
we dine before the
game-playing guests arrive

while soup heats vinnie
whisks it in the nature of the adverb
which happens to be sluttily
which means we
table-perched in this
place of history-holding
are laughing and laughing

one day i say to myself
i will cook here taking in
the texture of the
mabel dodge luhan house kitchen
swept up in the swirl 90 year old
late night hangout conversations



homecoming to
brooke twerkticing
to the bring it back
pandora station