for bringing the water

down the spiral staircase
finally moving by pretty lights
spilling over into kitchen

amongst popsicles for
throat soreness
plus bacon for breakfast sandwhiches
brooke’s mom brings peeps
a surefire immune boost
sickness-fighting treatment

too many people with too many names
on too many pieces of land and water
liana says while she and brooke explain
the san cristobal land grant

the most we’ve had in twenty years
said about this record amount of
norrteño new mexican snow
thank you she says
for bringing the water
with light in her hazeled eyes


rustle of hot pink tissue paper
of over-bed hanging (leftover new years) piñata
as pillows and blankets
are lifted/fluffed/rearranged

brooke, liana and i
each with carrots in our hands
approaching horse behind fence
on hammer road

smell of wood in
brooke’s dad’s workshop
(workplace of a doormaker)
where brooke checks the
top-bar beehive pieces
drying – there’s a name for
when they split/crack in the process

like one of those japanese
street fashion girls
(wearing everything)
jessie rae and brooke agree about
my bird outline stretchy dress
on loan paired with 3quarter sleeve
ringer tee (cobra print) and
colored dot tights
fishnets on top

trying to be an adult i tell vince
after asking liana how to
sip that margarita

we spin in snow under
gold cone of light in parking lot
edward-scissorhands style
thick flakes slow-mo-ing
down our hands outstretched
it never snows like this here

how we stupid sing along
to taylor swift’s
blank space
while turning off

highway 68 to
state road 240 to
hammer lane


descending stairs into
osha root steam rising
up to greet
medicinal scent
grounded healing