and the untwisting

wouldn’t mine the hanging
it’s the lying in the grave so long
oh boy i been
all around this world
i sing voice reverberating through
shower steam

noticing a theme here she says
of james’s mountain mix

trees wearing sweaters
makes me uncomfortable
corinne reports from
iowa city


this is one of my favorites i say
facing liana in stretchy bird profile print dress
backwards in kitchen chair

wrapping myself in the
borrowed jacket (offwhite with grayblue)
infused with yesterday’s healing
po-sum-on – like mentholy scent

occasionally i remember
to look up
from small bits of snow-swirl
to take in the clumps
of juniper climbing up foothill-side
blackgreen against whitegray sky
break you down vince says
about grad school so you can
build yourself up again
i appreciate your hanky vince says
i know a lot of women who think
it’s disgusting

palm to forehead she says
she’s so cold i say she’s
burning up

haze halo surrounding moon
and porch light and
street lamp and
any other glowing thing out there
in this snow-coated night

10something pm the sound
twirling down the spiral staircase:
ricola bag rustle and the
untwisting of a wrapped lozenge