panic and poundcake

blubbering poundcake she
calls herself coverall-wrapped and
fever rising hands resting on
the back of the chair
woolsocked feet on kitchen concrete

i offer
heart medicine in the form of
drips from the brownbottle dropper
of cimayo grandmother springwater


how she warmsmile openheart
greets the man
shoveling snow at school
despite the panic and
poundcake status

harvesting kale, chard, collards
in geodesic greenhouse
smell and hush of soil a
familiar home
clandestinely crunching
on a chocolate chipped granola bar
in the public library’s
artbooks back room
in between secret swiggings
of contraband water


golden moments of polyamory
i describe the
deep magic feeling and sortof disbelief
of when it all works out
50 shades of disapoointment we
lean in and laugh at
perhaps inappropriate moments
she bundled in coveralls me
crosslegged in the
sisterhood of floral traveling pants
regular steel and tool steel
she says are different. tool steel
has more iron – it’s stronger