tossing cheez-its into
the drivers side while
swilling sips of
we back and forth laugh
while the wind tosses us
along the freeway
tumbleweed trapped

in the dividers along
highway 84
while we drive into the storm
that appears later
as a line of white cloud
to the north

small bottle
of rose petal elixer
tucked into backpack front pocket
because macon said
it’s good for hearts

li lah she calls
the sacred spirit of


spine draped along
cork block unzippering
chest allowing access
to an open heart

it’s part armor i tell liz
the yoga teacher behind the desk
and part shine
regarding the sequin-splattered

i don’t know if this
is appropriate or not
pointing with a fork tines at liana
in the warm light
of the pizza place glow
but this
is my favorite

body of water

reading from the
card-sign relationship book
she twinkles in response
to everything about the 2 of clubs
that resonates
including but not limited to:fear of death and
fear of alone-ness


from the water world:

Palestinians cross a flooded street in the Bedouin village of al-Moghraka, central Gaza Strip.  – voice of america, day in photos