gather a slow momentum

piranha at the kitchen table
chomping jalapeno potato chips and
and ramen while
singscreaming one of many rent songs


all you have to do is
point your toes in girl with short dyed yellow gold hair
whose name i can’t remember says
and you’ll be skating backwards
then you can start
lifting up one skate at a time

that wheel squeak you get with a t-stop
she says you also want to make with your plow stop


while the non-newbies
speed around the track
in a tight pack
screeching and dropping into
drills at the sound of the whistle
i gather a slow momentum
practicing the:
knee drop
t stop
snow plow
backwards skate and stop
and the low-to-the-ground crouching status

how we snack
rio grande-side
(banana chips, peanut butter,
apple, snack bar)
after several hours of lostness
basking in canadian geese water antics
of foundness


dinnercooking, janesaw and i
discuss farming, kink, cut flowers and poly
while the pecans toast
the quinoa simmers
the asparagus roasts
and the mushrooms and onion saute
their scent through the house


unnamed phenomena: moving through
so many different places
so frequently that
i no longer know
which city i am in
(for instance, being convinced
for some reason by the environment and light
of the dessert place
that i am in vancouver bc
when really, we are
somehwere in albuquerque)
and the sortof unphasedness
of this dislocationatory sense_______
something-star cafe
heart stickers on our faces
a young man several tables over
offering us cookies while
a black-haired woman
hums along
earphones in


the rustle of wind in a
plastic bag snagged in leafless tree
on coal and elm as we
pedal past under
goldening sun
dipping the city of albuequerque
(sidewalk, buildings, clouds, tree skeletons)
in gold
in the final of
twenty seven miles