sacred she says

open hearted and so sweet (but not stupid) debbie says
with poetxts in her hand
both of us agreeing about the ache
in the line which world did we fillet
this time

i have been trying for so long
to do that i say about lighting
a candle (kate) while we dirt-road wind
our way towards cimayo mountain
and grandmother spring


how we crouch to the ground
(palm on sandy surface)
when the earth is called out
(in the earth/sky addition
to the four directions)


i just want to burrow she says
describing her humaninal situation
and the traversing of the river of grief

tierra sagrada reads the text
on the overpass on the way to
santa fe what does sagrada mean
i ask sacred she says


this is one of the original boarding schools
she says about the building to our left
as we roll into taos


girl power soundtrack selections:
jessie j – price tag
k’s choice – not an addict
mary lambert – body love


wal-mart excursion in three parts:
1. accidentally aggressive hip-check in
the traumatic-just-because-it’s-wal-mart
wal-mart aisle walking past women’s wear
on a shrinky dink quest
2. grape flavored tic tacs
3. under a sliver-cradle moon
(also referred to as a lesbian’s fingernail)
and venus shining to its south
perfume genius album
in the deep dark of new mexico night
while we roll south and west
towards the light of
when i say the music is so sad
maybe i mean so much about so many things
is so sad and there are moments like this
when it crests and settles until it
gathers and crests again


do you wanna ride my mercedes boy
sarah jane, liana and i sing
in the mercedes that is slow to accelerate
as we pull away from the co-op

from the water world:

Icicles hang off a strawberry plant in Plant City, Florida. Temperatures overnight in the fields dipped into the low 30’s (F). Farmers spray water on their crops to protect the plants from being damaged by a freeze.
– voice of america, day in photos


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