spangling through

scratchy voiced i meet
kate on her way to hawaii
and squint sleepwake eyes
to chane’s ukelele skinny love serenade

morning descent down 38th
from the edge of redwood heights into
fruitvale how the shine of water
spreads wide in the distance
and mountainy shapes rise


tony and a team efforting
under back porch umbrella
i shift chair beyond shade patch

i do the math in the bathroom window
sunlight streaming and it’s hard
to believeĀ  2015-2008 = 7
ashby bart in knee-high boots


church steps sunday dapper suit
(royal blue with black print plus
sunglasses) and just down the street the sound
of tambourine rattles
spangling through
a closed door


berkeley bowlverwhelm: too many
piles of too much fruit lined up
too far into the receeding distance i
spend the first ten
minutes in a stun
before proceeding in a
functional manner (left eyelid twitcing)
ball of yarn abandonedon bart station bench
next to an apple
abandoned on another bench

it used to feel like “i’m home (with you)”
now it doesn’t she says under
tall tree shade patch on a hill of
a berkeley park where some
people blanketsprawl in

lost in the bermuda triangle
just one of the many euphemisms
rachel has collected