blood pulse protect

tbird and i barefooted and
park lounged sun on this
too-long covered skin – revealing day
of too-early (but we love it) spring
plus a salted caramel doughnut snack

corduroy wrist cuff featuring
flamingoes in flight under a
tropical print sun
snapped on super power
blood pulse protection

drum circle going off
as it seemingly always has all the
way back into as far as history goes
outside ashby bart
i carry the rhythm with me
wheeling bike into stopped car

flicker of goldening light
through windows into face while
we slide and lurch forward

mom and kiddo and i
(kiddo and mom both in pink)
sharing elevator smiling we
agree about the time it takes
(20 floors-worth) to descend
one level

small hand-drawn map
clipped to brake cable
this is my gps i usually say
pointing to it and laughing


gold cassette tape charm
necklace dangling between
chane’s collarbones
as he waits space-staring
outside fruitvale station


sky pink-oranging off
the distant water that
reveals more and more of itself
the further up the 38th hills we pedal
saltsweat on skin telltale
sign of something summerish

the steam that rises
from two mugs of
fresh boiled
ginger root tea

limbwrapped we laugh at
bob’s burger
episoding on the screen