we weave

pack of wild turkeys strutting
across berkeley bart-side bike path
males displaying we weave
within feet of their
feather fan shimmer


lizards who let us
close enough to see their
under-chin patches of blue
and turkey buzzards who swoop
low overhead throwing
wing-fringe shadow
60-something year-old eleanor
just ahead of me on the trail asks about
my unpartnered, un-kid-having status
and then reveals her own
(when asked i say
i am so grateful for all the
endings because each one
has taught me
when asked she talks about
the paintings leaning up against
a wall in her living room for weeks
because it is a difficult thing
to do alone)


names of some but not all
of the plants we encounter:
sticky monkey flower
sage brush
blue dicks
coyote bush
shooting stars
california buttercup
soap root
maidenhair fern
snake root
coffee fern


better than a fig newton i say
picnic table perched and chewing
the offered dried fig
at olompali state park
view of a bluebird
moss-branch sitting
through borrowed high-powered