king tide

i gave you the fancy glass
rachel says of the cup
she poured my portion
of her daily east bay smoothie
(made of frozen fruit from
berkeley bowl’s discount rack)


lisa frank is mentioned at the
third breakfast (or what some might call lunch)
table in full sun on the
back deck porch overlooking
kale and citrus gardens
surrounded by a stage
a small crew of chickens
blooming things
a hammock

so strange she says
to not know plants here by name
so i point out
those i can
as they appear
lantana, datura, daphne, jasmine, nasturtium
(perhaps unnamed phenomenon: how knowing the names
of the things that grow around us connect
us to that place)


ceramic mini scluptures
glued down to fence-tops
and beige butterflies
whose shape was carved and dried
in the cement under
our feet

rock star rachel calls me after
the woman on the sidewalk
talking to perhaps someone who is her neighbor
stops to tell me she
loves my panda shirt
(cute! she exclaims
which matches the cute! that is on the shirt)
and all the other sidewalk passer-by hellos
makes north oakland
where the diagonals converge
a lovely place for an afternoon walk on
such a pre-emptive spring blooming sun on skin day


woman and kiddo at front step where it meets sidewalk
chalk in hand drawing
a peacock with heart-filled feathers

not a drop of rain
in the whole month of january
jim says on the common house back porch

where he reads to asha crosslegged on the floor
the fact is then again repeated
around the dinner table
by ryo and caryolyn
only this time, it is specified
that this is the first january
this has ever happened here
since the records began


king tide hasaan explains
is what the highest and lowest tides
of the year are called
later i realized
this would also work
as a knuckle tattoo

from the water world:

A woman swims in icy waters after breaking the ice of the frozen Songhua River in Jilin, Jilin province, China. voice of america, day in photos

not from the water world, but bread is kindof like water:

Screen shot 2015-02-12 at 10.09.28 PM

A woman bakes traditional bread as a girl sits nearby in the Chebayesh marsh in Nassiriya, southeast of Baghdad, Iraq.  – REUTERS/Alaa Al-Marjani