like two rivers meeting

the accidental rrrring
of suspendered man’s gold bike bell
as he maneuvers his bike off the train
at the 12th st and oakland bart stop
art asks if i’ve ever had bolani
while we wander into the rush that is
whole foods and i
like perhaps many smartasses have said
respond: i’ve had bologna,
if it’s anything like that

staring at the overwhelm of
hummus (in sickness-fighting
fuzzy-head state)
art swiftly assists
in selecting


three three three! hours of sleep yeah!
i sing out an ode to tbird’s situation
from our blanket-picnic perch
next to the fairyland sign
on the grass-hill shores of
lake merritt where
sun lands on our cheekbones
our fingertips
our bare arms


insert one of the many
brilliant things said
by tbird or art that
at the end of the day
this brain doesn’t remember
though the heart and spirit do

tbird in the middle linking
one arm through art’s elbow
and one arm through mine
as we stroll away from the
bonsai garden which is a
perfect place to share/celebrate
news of a shape-taking life-shifting
collaboration in progress


you have these visions of just wanting
to read the little one books
but the light needs to be off
and she can’t stand the sound of your voice
and then she’s awake craving bacon
and wants to know if walgreens
sells bacon


how ranging
from point to point
along mission street
and sometimes valencia
as sunlight softens
while it sinks
makes me feel
free and home


bookstore crowd spilling
out into night sidewalk
on 24th i crane my head
but don’t stop


from the table behind me
at the coffee shop:
what do you do
when you feel angry?
i cry


love is a place text chalked onto
coffee shop chalkboard cupboards
in thin swirls with a sunset forest/
mountain landscape drawn in the heart
that rests between is and a


wrapping voice around voice i say
braiding. like two rivers meeting
like two strands in a piece of rope


from the water world:

A couple sitting on their motorcycle cross a flooded road on a cart in Jakarta. Heavy monsoon rains have flooded many sections of the Indonesian capital leaving some commuters stranded.
– voice of america, day in photos


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