i love the light you are made of

if you’re running to look good
you coulda stopped miles ago
the tradesworker announces to me
as i pass him and his two cronies
three-fourths of the way up one of the several
hills on elsie street
and because it sounds like a
stupid pickup punchline joke
(instead of creepy come-on)
i laugh and sorta shake my head
and think about how i do it to feel good
in which case
i couldn’t afford to have stopped miles ago

on the cooldown walk/return
the man with the kindest perhaps
most unexpected smile
hellos me whilst pushing
an impossible sculpture of
can-filled trash bags in
a shopping cart up bryant


spotted on an
avocado-lime errand
a three-for-a-dollar sign in the
pan dulces pastry case
i walk out with
two avocados
one lime
and three pastries

smiling at a text about
how he’s waiting for me
next to the guy
preaching spanish into a microphone
(smiling because
i know that sound having
walked past it last night
and imagining this guy
never leaves just preaches)
and then being told in a non-creepy way
by a bypasser on the sidewalk
that i might have said goodmorning to earlier
that i have a wonderful smile
and then william and i
running towards each other
flailing limbs for a
pickup/swing-around hug
he in leopard print pants
me in sequins

william and i co-counseling
in dolores park, mid session
i laugh-burst and say
if anyone’s even watching/noticing
(referring to our held hands and
my face full of tears)
i wonder how many of them
think we’re breaking up right now

wherein i commit to cultivating/
honoring and celebrating my light
which means recognizing its shine
even when it doesn’t feel like it’s there

we mini-dance-party (seated)
to a beat called i’m sorry i can’t stop dancing (bro)
on the grassy slant of hill


is that a threat i respond
to joolie’s i’m bringing your polar fleece text

what i wanted to tell you
in my voice today is how
much i love your light
(visible no matter where you are
in the updownallaround cycles)
yes. it’s true. i love the light you are
made of

from the water world:

A Hindu devotee gets showered as part of a cleaning ritual before his pilgrimage during the Thaipusam festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. – voice of america, day in photos

Indian Hindu devotees gather on the banks of the river Ganges to take a ‘holy dip’ on the occasion of Maghi Purnima during the annual traditional fair ‘Magh Mela’ in Allahabad. – voice of america, day in photos