affection and affiliation

no one just sits in this city
i say

stuffed dumbo
slightly rumpled
perched atop garbage can dome
on 24th and lucky


billboard on 24th and bryant
with portrait-style drawings
of those murdered by cops
surrounded by the phrases:
hoodies up
hands up don’t shoot
black lives matter
surrounding big letters
that read: no justice no peace

the woman at the corner store
(with impressive earrings and hair)
tells me my total
(for a juice and chocolate bar)
before she hands back change
to the customer before me
and we smile big smiles
when i tell her
she is fast


a return to bernal heights:
not a matter
of getting out/away from the city
but rising above (where traffic
is still audible but more of a lull
down below rather than a racket
that swells around you)


she was slow and

bruised for a week

it shows/takes video
of what you see
(connected or near your eyes)
i supposed you get used to it
not google, but microsoft


6pm bells pealing
in the air down the block accompanied
by car horns


click-click of repaired boot heels
on mission sidewalks
(some gum-stained
some perma-shadowed with leaf stain)
pressing past lollygaggers
on my rendezvousing way
to sound and an old friends’ arms


the door person says
handing my i.d. back
as soon as i saw texas street
i knew exactly where that was
revealing his own san diego affection and affiliation

two-and-a-half song
dance floor reunion
chane and i shake it
that blue light i tell chane
on that fake furry/wooly white coat
(referring to the person on stage
playing the mystery instrument)
will make it into the details –
color/texture combo
powdery and luminescent


HI chane and i joke-laughing
(with kate too) while we
gravelly-shout the word
(imitating aggressive/demanding
audience man) at each other
and out into full moon sky and
at the fences around dolores park
(attempting to collapse them down)


joolie at the kitchen table
breaking down the differences/nuances
of cardinal, fixed and mutable
astrological signs


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