vast and great / wool and sequins

a kind of whooosh
of glue smell as it hits my nose
upon entering the shoe/boot repair shop
and then neil at the counter
in his red sweatshirt lifting up
the thin sole of my
shredded heel

at the blue bike-horse
simultaneous unlocking
the man and i go back and forth
a couple times about
how damn beautiful
it is out today
and how damn good it feels
to move through that beauty


green tape which i think is a giveaway
gives way to surprise: an arlington va return address
and inside: a garment made of
two favorite things: wool and sequins
plus a rose petal tincture
it’s good for the heart macon’s handwriting explains
gina describes what happens
after i put on the sequin sweater
(belated gift from macon the scorpio sequin-twin
who carried it around for two years
before mailing it)
like this: frankie’s being all sassafras


the great midwestern sadness
says jess across the table
relaying the name for a phenomenon
related to the vast and great (implied: desolate)
monocrhomatic tundra landscapes

there is always a reason
for celebration
when chocolate fudge cake
is involved
(i think it’s mostly butter i say
with a little bit of cocoa sprinkled in
and a few grains of sugar)