heading east on i-84
shiz and i compile a
karaoke song list
including but not limited to
hang on sloopy
talking heads
wanted dead or alive
otis redding
indigo girls
lupe fiasco

two men on the
bench above
say don’t fall as we
maneuver our way to
flat-rock outcrop
for snack-sitting and
life-question conversing
at the top of angel’s rest

like that i ask
pointing to the thin cloud
drifting east past us
along river channel gorge


singing top-of-our-lungs variations
in the fantastic public bathroom acoustics
in a building near all the waterfalls
of that slide-over-here inxs song
and how hard we laugh on our walk
back to the car

renegade roots i say
(an offering of one thing i appreciate
about this community)
which quickly becomes
one of the evenings
recurring jokes

working with entire geological (emotional) layer
sometimes you find a dinosaur skull
and sometimes you don’t
but the dig is always worth it


daphna and i
admire the manes
of june and september
in the horse-lover’s 2015 calendar

steve hands me two big books
both about badass women in the 1800s
one fiction one non-
asks if i’m a reader

i see this moon she says
split in half like a
best-friend necklace
received: you and your crane
of goodness origami-ing
blushing splendor everywhere

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