this us-ness

sleep-sweat ringing
kids tshirt collar
cocooned in zipped up
sleeping bag

classic rock station on blast
while i yoga in underwear
in the living room
soundtrack includes:
doctor feelgood by motley crue
and crazy on you by heart
and some song that repeats
in the dark in the chorus
but cannot apparently be found on
an internet search
how snow is just a section of highway
how winter is a place we drive to
at the first fork
we discover a snow dome
once inside
sound is softened and
light comes in (blueness)
through the thin parts

we joke about how we’d rather be at the mall

another case of coniferous pacific northwest
majesticness this time in a snow world

everyone loves ziggy’s booties
i say of the small red socks on the
small brown dog wearing a winter coat
and travis says everyone always loves/
responds to ziggy with or without
the red booties
mt. hood shrugging off its
cloud shawl i say
while we stand at a snowy overlook

i do have the trust for you i say
that’s why this us-ness
is phenomenal

IMG_7027 IMG_7029 IMG_7033 IMG_7036 IMG_7041 IMG_7044 IMG_7064 IMG_7071_2


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