lake forming / little rivers

worst two years of my life she says
lake forming in the road
same shine in her eyes
while we laugh at how much this place
resembles our former
place of employment

seed catalogs and
hand scrawl
spread out on library table
while the checkout line
swells and recedes
along with kid sounds

singing along
curving park path
hot tea warming
the hand that holds it
iced sugar cookie with rainbow sprinkles
in my light blue rain jacket pocket
is this how you would say thank you
for the water i ask
doing the sign for thank you
and the sign for water
and lola says yes or like this
and does a sign that looks like
lifting a cup and drinking out of it
followed by the sign for thank you

costume change i say
headed for the bathroom
in skirt and legwarmers and
emerging in sequinned

lauren, summer and i
running in the rain drenched night
shouting and calling out
in the unavoidable downpour
while little rivers run
along the sidewalk

interpretive yoga
stretching into light
on the dance floor there’s
always room for
i’m not looking at your ass

lola insists and points to
a circle of shine (mine –
busted ring-neckalce)
on concrete dancefloor

the dj with the
sequinned cap
i say

when asked
by leah in the front seat
if i’m still in the desert i say
no – i’m in this rain-filled
pacific northwestern town
balancing boots
tongues tugged wide open
on warming space heater
this endless cycle


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