in the hush

9something a.m.
the day’s single sun-break
spilling light across
sky and street

unexpected sweetness
(transformation of kindof burly man
into bear)
of the bikeshop clerk
where i go to purchase a
patch kit
sending kindness and quarters
back and forth across the counter

sound of hard candy
against teeth
(and sucking and smacking of lips)
in the mouth of the woman
across the table
at the kenton library

the conundrum of
being so excited to
by chance
run into someone
(in this case, a green-glassesed brittany)
and wanting to make a commotion
but the place of running-into
happens to be in the hush of
the library

pint glass
filled with two straws
a long spoon and
the softsmooth offwhite of a
diary-free soft serve chai shake
streets shining
under orange lamplight glow
i swish (raingear) as i pedal
while wet blesses my face
this is the portland i know
(remembering the remedy:
the thing that makes the rain do-able
is to get out in it)
pearl jamming
(don’t call me daughter)
in my famous low and ridiculously boisterous
while tucked under alpaca blankets
on the gray couch


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