dear readers, friends, comrades, lovers,

i’ve fallen behind on the details (saving little scraps up from most days, but waiting until i caught up on my black mesa posts first) which now makes catching up on everything after black mesa a bit of an overwhelm, if not impossible. so… this is my commitment to return to the details in the present and work on catching up here and there when i can, though, in the end, there may just be some blank space for december and january.

thank you for being with me through all of it. your company/presence/showing up is an honor – even if it is virtual.

X and O

loose formed/forming v
of flapping and calling out
(whoever called it honking
wasn’t correct)
heading northwest
sound of hummingbirds above
(something like a tiny saw
on a tiny piece of metal
only not quite)
a file titled
surprise, i like your company
played back with hozier
and static in the background

the squeal of kids
tromping around on carpet
plus the sound of books
falling in the deposit drop
while i perch in the
window seat
like a cafe but
filled with books and free

from the water world:

A “Sadhu”, or Hindu holy man, takes a dip at the confluence of the river Ganges and the Bay of Bengal, ahead of the “Makar Sankranti” festival at Sagar Island, south of Kolkata, India.- voice of america, day in photos

An abandoned department store is seen flooded in Bangkok, Thailand.
– voice of america, day in photos


3 Replies to “formed/forming”

  1. Oye, gracias, por el aviso!! Will take some time with these publications, and respond where inspired to do so.
    Todo bien por acá, gracias por tus amables deseos.

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