broken open by light

yesterday’s estimated
nine mile borrowed bike commute
(from person to person)
felt in today’s knee/hip

the approach of an
insistently conversational cat
(grey white black)
approaching via sidewalk
around back where i sort
my belongings from bag to bag

porch-cold chocolate-covered
caramel crunching against teeth

ecuadorian alpaca wool blanket
draped around shoulders/
wrapped around body


what if the fog never lifted
shiz says

gina’s mushroom risotto
and the steam rising through
kitchen window square as she
lifts lid and stirs


singing praises of
a guitar that fits i’ve
never had that before
i say

pink orange cloud hue
against blue sky after
it was broken open by light

it could be an experimental
conversation i say i’ll just
respond to whatever i think i hear