fortune cookie fortunes

curious george read-a-thon
at kitchen table
we read through all the stories of one book
before moving on to all the stories
of the other book

sendoff meal at kindho’s
(mock duck and potatoes, sesame tofu, vegetable mock duck curry)
i slip the fortune cookie fortunes
into pocket
seated at sister’s side in silence
for thirty minutes
(swaths of color blooming
behind closed lids) followed by a
talk where a poem
about the great wave off kanagawa appears
fellow amtrak passenger
in st. paul station reports
north dakota’s interstate shut down
(no busses going anywhere)
due to snow
she tells me about
aldo leopold’s
sense of place writings
while fields give way to trees
in subzero degrees
on the other side of the
sight-seer’s lounge
floor-to-ceiling windows
lulled to sleep by
train’s rocking and
songs set to shuffle

from the water world:
Indian students pour water on each other as part of a ritual bath on the eve of Magh Purnima in Ahmadabad. Many Hindu devotees take a holy bath during the auspicious festival hoping that their sins are washed away according to ancient Hindu tradition.
– voice of america, day in photos


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