versions of homecoming

several versions of homecoming:
1. women and trans yoga class
flyer on modern times
bulletin board
2. transphobia ends here sticker
posted on cafe southside’s
cash register
and a black lives matter
sign up in the window
3. overheard: conversation
about st. louis police station takeover/occupation
4. joAnn hug in children’s play area
at the midtown global market
where caza hands me
an oversize neonish green
plastic lego
crows storm sky
after dark
(dramatic in snow swirls)
as seen from behind the windshield
of joAnn’s car
usually, they’re on the other
side of town by now she says
it’s what sells a coke
joAnn says
it creates worlds
talking about poetry
and its power
on the interstate
eye-glimmer upon
another goodbye
in the front seat
where headlights spotlight


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