frost-covered everything

finally a sunrise

(after cloudy mornings)
orange strip of horizon sky and
quarter moon bright in the
blue-blueing above


frost-covered everything
while sparkling glow under
small moon and later
the frost remains
in patches
where juniper trees cast shadow
i hand off a spangly horse-stickered letter
addressed to arroyo seco
as the trifecta take off for
their chapter meeting
in the still-frosty morning


mesa spa i joke
me plucking eyebrows in morning sun
while trish washes her face
in the kitchen plastic basinet

i think my hiking boots and i
i say are making peace with each other


beard photoshoot (with real sheep wool)
on location (on the mesa)
picking fluffy pup up
into my arms and discovering
he weighs as much as a cat
teaching him to lap-sit in the sun he
is a quick learner


how i gasp when i find
the mountain (two striped triangles that look like peaks)


trish laughing as i prod the sheep along
saying the buffet is closed!
and asks if we should
herd cattle next year
when i offer to wash the dishes
grandmother shoos me away
and gestures to go rest/sit

IMG_6377 IMG_6392 IMG_6400 IMG_6418 IMG_6431 IMG_6453 IMG_6454 IMG_6466 IMG_6474 IMG_6496 IMG_6505 IMG_6506 IMG_6516 IMG_6518 IMG_6520 IMG_6526 IMG_6530


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