near/far foreverness

6:40something a.m.
the moon is small
but still bright enough to cast a shadow
(as evidenced by my
first journey of the day
to the outhouse)


horse-hobble is today’s word
in diné on morning radio
through fm crackle
morning sun filling quart jars
(of missouri corn relish and sauerkraut)
on breakfast table
with desert light

oh where oh where can my
baby be keith starts singing
the lord took her away from me
trish and i reply


paused on desert dust/dirt
plucking cactus spine
from puppy paw
something about this

all the space
this canyon is made of
expanse enough
to hold presence/stories/histories
of a new us
sweeping stretch of what was once sea
(and still resembles it = without water)
how it allows for sitting
and taking in light, texture, sound, sand, wind, sky, near/far foreverness


winter sport trish names
the cologne-like smell
of the chemical cleaner
emanating from the dust-cleared house
so strongly that i can smell it
outside when one simply opens the door
to enter


they were kindof in lines trish says
of the sheep, once they’ve returned to their pen
making them easy to count

left to our lunch/dinner preparations ourselves
trish prepares frybread quesadillas
(with onions and garlic that are not cooked softly enough
for those without upper teeth to eat)
we soak in the glory of
sauteed vegetable flavor


IMG_6167 IMG_6181 IMG_6184 IMG_6196 IMG_6216 IMG_6219 IMG_6226 IMG_6234 IMG_6239 IMG_6252 IMG_6253


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